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Current System Vs. Coral Health System

Our system reimagines the patient journey into four simple steps.

= Coral Health System

Reimagining the Patient Journey CURRENT SYSTEM CORAL HEALTH SYSTEM Patient visits doctor Doctor requires testing Doctor contacts patient's insurance Administrative staff receives/ reviews request Administrative staff denies Doctor appeals, changes language Insurance approves test Patient sent to lab for testing Patient tests positive Doctor writes treatment prescription Patient goes to pick up prescription Pharmacy says insurance authorization is needed Patient calls doctor Doctor submits form to insurer Back and forth Insurer agrees to cover prescription Patient picks up prescription

We expect convenience, connectivity & control in every aspect of our lives - so why isn’t it the same for healthcare?

Data Encryption Unified Medical Records Secure Data Sharing Automated Processing The Coral Health system at work Our system protects your information with state of the art encryption. We then pull the pieces of your medical record back together. With our app, sharing is simple. You can grant secure, real-time access in just a few clicks. Our system instantly processes information requests, streamlining life -saving data exchange between patients, providers, insurers, and researchers.
Free for individuals. Low per member fee for businesses.

Coral's cloud platform enables enterprises to leverage real-time, standardized health data to better engage and serve their members.

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