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Coral Health
Seamless, Secure Access To Your Health Records

For Android and iPhone

Connect to hundreds of health systems and thousands of doctors' Offices

All data is private, secure and encrypted on-device.

You have a right to your medical information - so why is it so difficult to access?

We believe everyone should have control over their health data. By using Coral Health to store and manage your medical records on your phone, you will:

  • Always have access to all of your health information.
  • Stop filling out the same forms on each visit.
  • Receive more personalized, coordinated care.
Seamless Setup

We create a secure connection between your mobile device and each place your health records are stored.

Total Control

We help you reclaim ownership of your medical records and enable data sharing.

Persistent Connection

We combine all your health records and keep them up-to-date - you only need to login once.

Connecting your organization to Coral Health

Having your organization’s API connected to the free Coral Health Records app is easy! Once you complete a short form with information about your organization, your patients can search for your organization and download their health records to their smartphone by authenticating with their patient portal credentials. Please email [email protected], if you have any questions.

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Security Is Our Priority

Coral Health Records allows you to securely retrieve your health records from the places you’ve received care and access those records conveniently from your mobile device.

All information is encrypted both in transit and at rest. No one can access your health records unless you choose to share them.

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